Creation is the new t-shirt label from two respected veterans of the UK Streetwear scene, Emmet Keane and Paul Sid.

Emmet was the co-founder of renowned label Answer along with Mo Wax and Honest Jon’s label designer Will Bankhead.

Paul Sid is the founder of cutting edge innovative clothing label Retreat.

Both labels were heralded globally for their progressive, non-conformist thinking regarding design and attention to detail.

Friends for many years, and sharing a mutual interest for art and music, what started off as a light hearted dialogue in late 2013, quickly grew in momentum, when realising that by pooling their vision and love of strong graphics, could amount to a t-shirt label that is unparallel with what is being offered in today’s market.

Creation is set to be one of the most respected labels in contemporary Streetwear. Drawing insight from a wide range of artistic and musical influences…… inspiration is never far away.